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In Cyber Security...
Know-How is Everything

Our Services

Business and IT Program Strategy

Forward-looking with the ability to navigate complexity for IT projects, programs, and initiatives to align with overall business outcomes and strategic objectives. Taking into account current assets, governance requirements, personnel, and desired IT site environment, we know there is a need to align business and IT to meet both current and future state. Building a strategic roadmap while ensuring a healthy portfolio and properly executed initiatives we will help you get there.

Risk Management 

Understanding the overall IT risk position and ensuring policies, procedures, protocols, and governance are adopted in the interest of reducing the threats, vulnerabilities and potential consequences is essential. We are experts in risk analysis and follow proven processes and best practices to ensure due diligence and due care in the protection of the environment. The impact, severity, probability, and criticality of risk along with action plans and status are reflective of our well-rounded experience in large, sensitive corporate environments. 

Privacy Review and Audits

The privacy and protection of information along with the secure retention of corporate assets include the protection of corporate assets and customer information. PIPEDA and other legislation ensure organizations are accountable in the obtainment of consent, collection, use, disclosure, and retention of data. We are familiar with internal and external security audits in providing assurance that corporate information systems conform to a set of established criteria. Open transparent protocols in the interest of improving the overall security posture of the organization remain core to accountable organizations. 

Security Reviews and Mitigation  I  Investigations  I  Personnel Screening

We have experienced security experts trained in risks assessments and risk mitigation in the interest of identifying areas of direct and associated risks to introduce the activities associated with eliminating, transferring, or reducing risk to an acceptable level. Taking into account vulnerability assessment and overall impact assessment, either qualitative or quantitative associated with business, technology, reputational and financial risk.  

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Secure Architecture
Defence in Layers
Recovery Strategies

Experience and expertise are critical for effective ongoing appropriate utilization and protection of corporate assets. Adherence to compliance standards including ISO, NIST, ITIL, SOX, HPPA, COBIT, SANS, along with security and leadership metrics including KRI's, SWOT, and KPI's are critical for implementing and supporting information security industry best practices. 

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